New Survey Uncovers Five Collaborative Personality Types That Can Help IT Professionals Make Informed Technology Purchase Decisions
PGi Creates Customized Diagnostic Tool to Identify Collaboration Personality Types

ATLANTA, Aug. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a new collaboration study conducted by PGi, the world's largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services, there are five dynamic personalities that seasoned IT professionals and administrators are likely supporting every day and may not even know it.

The multi-national survey, of more than 1,000 knowledge workers, found that the five distinct personality types – Casual, Meticulous, Practical, Savvy and Progressive – could be linked back to specific industries, sectors and even job types.

High-level results from the study found that:

  • While it's no surprise that many in IT roles are frequent users of collaboration solutions, the research shows that executives in marketing and sales and finance were also power users of the software, often leveraging collaboration technology to help drive revenue for their businesses;
  • Employees across industries such as healthcare, finance and insurance tend to be tactically-focused and leverage collaboration solutions as convenient ways to conduct meetings;
  • Workers in professional services, administrative or Human Resource roles tend to use collaboration technology to manage small internal workgroups in disparate locations;
  • Most small business owners use collaborative technology to streamline their growing businesses and cut down on travel expenses; and,
  • All collaborator segments agree that the top three purchase priorities for their solutions are: ease of use, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

"Today, IT professionals are constantly bombarded with enterprise technology solutions. So PGi commissioned a study to gain a better understanding of how users interface with collaborative technology," said Scott Tapp, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer success of PGi. "The findings from this survey can help IT professionals identify key collaborative segments within their own business environments, taking the guess work and uncertainty out of making a strategic collaboration solution purchase."

With so many tech options, the decision-making process to purchase collaboration solutions can be cumbersome and, often times, stressful. Whether one is searching by key industry segment or by collaboration personality type, PGi's survey results can help IT pros make more strategic decisions about their collaborative software purchases.

Based on these survey results, PGi has created a fully customizable Collaboration Diagnostic that can help IT professionals identify the right mix of collaborative software and better understand the progressive and dynamic needs of all their stakeholders. The survey and results are customized for an enterprise, department or team. From there, results are aggregated and a fully customized output is built to fit the unique needs of one's company based on their employee's segment type(s).

Individuals can also take PGi's "Collaboration Personality Quiz" to find out which of the five personality categories they fall under.

To learn more about the five unique collaboration personality types and other key findings from the survey, check out our blog.

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