iMeet® Launches Evernote® Integration to Empower Group Notes Within Online Video Meetings
Never Forget a Meeting: Access All Your Evernote Personal and Work Notes Within iMeet

ATLANTA, January 3, 2011 - The meetings experts at PGi (NYSE: PGI) today announced the integration of Evernote, the company that’s helping the world remember everything, into its next generation, web-based video conferencing solution, iMeet. With the new iMeet integration, Evernote users can now access and share their notes, documents, websites and pictures while meeting online with anyone, anywhere.

By linking your Evernote account to your iMeet profile, you’ll never leave another virtual meeting struggling to remember what happened or what happens next. Instantly access all files and information stored in Evernote, create to-do lists and share notes with everyone — even people who couldn’t attend the meeting. And with iMeet’s new note-taking feature, everyone can contribute to a new note that can be saved, tagged, stored and shared after the meeting with Evernote.

“Sharing presentations, taking notes and creating follow-up lists are key parts of a productive meeting experience,” said David Guthrie, PGi chief technology officer. “The iMeet and Evernote integration brings these capabilities together, enabling people everywhere to have more productive, collaborative meetings online.”

“Evernote is designed to give each of us a better memory in all aspects of our daily lives, both personal and professional. The professional side is about to get a great boost thanks to the new iMeet integration.” said Seth Hitchings, VP of Platform Strategy at Evernote. “We spend many hours each week in meetings and on conference calls. By linking these meetings to Evernote, iMeet is enhancing our ability to capture and share thoughts and memories, and in the process improving the experience for all participants.”

How it works:

+ The iMeet Evernote notes feature allows multi-user collaboration without downloads, high bandwidth requirements or bulky files. Every guest can add their brainstorms, web addresses and more right inside the Evernote notes pod and then save directly to Evernote – applying standard Evernote notebooks and tags.
+ iMeet user profiles include a standard option to link to an Evernote account for easy access and sharing of Evernote files.

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